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Don't be A crash DummyDon't be a Crash Dummy!

It is your car and your choice who repairs it!

It is the law in North Carolina.

Don't let the payer of your claim choose for you!

Even more so it is your choice how your Auto body repair is done! What parts do you want on your car? At All Precision Collision Repair your family's safety is our number one concern, and price is secondary. If you want to economize your repairs that is your choice! We work with you to decide what is the best way to repair your collision damage.  

Insurers hope you will cash out and not even get your vehicle fixed. Statistically, Insurance estimates are 50% of the true cost of repairs.We always prepare a thorough estimate, and legally this is what you are entitled to!


Before Repairs After Repairs 2013 Terrain  

2013 Traverse wrecked hard in the right frontReady to go home!


Before Repairs After Repairs 2005 Corvette

During RepairsAfter Repairs


Our auto body repair shop provides you with the best customer service experience, especially when dealing with Insurers and other responsible parties that are paying to perform auto body repairs on your vehicle. We are not your average Auto body and paint shop. We have over 50 years combined experience in automotive body repair, collision damage repair, customizing, bodywork, restorations and custom paint. Don't be a victim of an Insurance referral. Going to an Insurance partner might not be in your best interest. It will not cost you any more to have us fix your car right!

We Work with all Insurance Companies!

Most auto body repair shops throw together a quick repair estimate hoping that their's is the lowest, then when you drop off your car the surprises begin.

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Most Accurate Chassis measuring equipment in the State

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   It seems like there is a body shop on every corner, but no two are the same. The training and experience level of some technicians repairing today's vehicles may be as little as two years' experience, and minor in-house training. Our technicians are Factory trained, ASE Master certified and I-Car Trained.
Today's modern vehicles are safety capsules. There are thousands of safety features designed into today's vehicles. Without proper collision repair, these features can be compromised, and can actually cause injury; and possibly death in a future collision if not restored properly.



   Poor auto body repairs can create major safety issues if the structure under your vehicle is not repaired properly. They can cause parts to bend or fold up easier in a future collision causing damage to the passenger compartment and you may get hurt or crushed by steering columns, dashboards, or airbags deploying too soon. These are major issues. OE manufacturers have developed, tested and designed certain features such as crush zones, air bags, seat belts and dozens of other features to provide additional safety to the occupants of the vehicle. Along with the structural integrity areas and concerns, these items are NEVER open negotiating at All Precision Collision Repair.

 There are many things we do other shops do not do!

1) Check color before spraying on vehicle (spray out card)

2) Check all light bulbs to make sure they are working

3) Clean vehicle after repairs are completed

4) Check all fluids under hood

5) Nib and buff repairs and adjacent panels

6) Check for obvious mechanical issues under hood

7) Check and set tire pressures, including the spare

8) Road test when necessary.

9) Aim Headlamps

  These are just a few of the things we do for our customers!

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   Things You Should Know About Your Accident Claim

  1. By law you only need one estimate from the body repair shop of your choice.
  2. Beware of an estimate that is extremely low, the use of after market parts(non-OEM) or not including all of the necessary work can greatly effect price.
  3. Never drive a vehicle that could be unsafe because of damage.
  4. Insurers are likely to send you to a so-so repair shop because cut rate collision repair companies save the insurer money by the use of discount labor and or counterfeit parts, you do not benefit from this.
  5. Don't be fooled. You have the Right to Choose! It is the law in North Carolina!
  6. See our Claim Information for more details!

 Click Here Insurers Building Trust 

     Automotive body shops recommended by Insurers are controlled by a secret agreement to not charge for specific repair procedures and to substitute Junkyard and Imitation parts to repair your car. These cost cutting procedures ultimately save the insurance company money however they will cost you money at resale time. A professional repair facilityhas a duty to not compromise you or your family's safety. Unfortunately; shortcut repairs, low-cost parts and materials, and inexperienced techniciansare  symptomatic of the price cutter and kick-back systems in place with Insurers at these body shops. Our inspections of other shops repairs show:

More than 70 percent had incomplete or shoddy repairs

Almost 50 percent had safety issues

More than 40 percent showed signs of fraud

We suggest that you get a second opinion from a paint and body shop that isNOT affiliated with any Insurance company in order to find out what the true cost and scope of the repairs is.


A famous attorney once said..

"never take advice from someone who owes you money"

The person or insurance company responsible for paying for your damage repairs
wants to get it done the cheapest way possible! Is that what you want?

We do not use imitation parts or junkyard parts unless that is what you want!













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We consider ourselves a full service Auto body shop that works one on one with you, and the payer of your claim, to assure you quality repairs. Each collision is different and so are the vehicles involved.

We are trained in over 35 areas of auto collision repair!

We have won hundreds of awards for our Body and Paint work!

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Choose the shop that truly cares about you and your car!

 "Dear Bob Winfrey, After having decided to repaint our 1990 Chevy Pickup rather than replace it I can't tell you how happy we are with the work you and your employees performed. Our old truck, with the paint peeling off the roof, and all the door dings, looks better than new. We appreciate the effort you made to restore our vehicle to like-new condition. We have received many complements from neighbors and friends and are so pleased with the paint job. You were professional and courtious in explaining the repairs that needed to be done and made us feel comfortable and confident that our truck was in good hands. We would recommend your bodyshop to anyone, and already have. Thanks again for the expert job on our favorite old pickup. It looks better than new. "

-- Todd Grzech

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